Kuisma Korhonen & Pajari Räsänen (eds.): The Event of Encounter in Art and Philosophy

The event of an encounter is singular, unrepeatable and unpredictable. It marks not only a unique moment of temporary contact, but also the past and the future, makes them meaningful, defines them anew. Such an event is a moment of liberty, a feast, a revolution or a catastrophe – we should find it again in order to become responsible for and to it. The theme has been dealt with especially in continental philosophy during and since the late 1900s.

This volume in itself consists of a network of encounters. The multiplicity of viewpoints, styles and modes of argumentation displays the ultimate aim of to form a discursive space where the notion of encounter is not only a theme among others but also a way of thinking.

“If art is the domain of the excessive – sensations and affects – it is by definition oriented towards its own supersaturated condition, the virtual. Art takes place as the site that thematizes itself as a site, a domain or a stage, but simultaneously collapses its unity by expressing qualities that migrate from other milieus. Art as derangement: actualized Nature opening up to the virtual forces of the Cosmos.”

Kuisma Korhonen, Professor of Literature, University of Oulu.
Pajari Räsänen, PhD, Comparative Literature, University of Helsinki.

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