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Gaudeamus is one of the leading academic publishers in Finland. We publish literature from various academic fields for the purposes of Finnish academia and university students. We also publish non-fiction titles for a wider audience. Our aim is to offer readers in-depth, research-based knowledge, as well as interesting and enjoyable reading experiences.

Most of our publications are in Finnish language, but we have also a selection of English titles available.

Our focus is on the humanities and social sciences – especially philosophy, history, cultural studies, and sociology – but we also publish titles on environmental issues, education, economics and other fields.

Our translated publications have included selected works by Aristotle (IX volumes), Descartes (IV volumes), Husserl, Kant and many other philosophical classics, ranging from Stoicism to Tocqueville. From modern thinkers, we have translated the works of Jürgen Habermas, Jacques Derrida, John Dewey, Edward Said, and Martha Nussbaum, among others.

Gaudeamus is owned by the University of Helsinki. Our authors are Finland’s leading experts in their fields of research and come from universities all around the country.

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